The truth is thank you netflix
YAY im so happy all the seasons of Xfiles are on netflix for instant viewing.  Me and sarah have been plowing threw season 1 and are watching the last episode of season 1 right now.  It is all coming back to me as we have been watching.  Mulder always drives lol!  I have a theory that sculley has no idea how to drive and any time you see her drive an alien did it.  I really cant wait for some of my favs Like home(about the inbreds), the one with the computer telling the guy to murder people, the one stephen king directed with the creepy girl.  Its so much fun!  I really think netflix is the greatest thing of all time sooo much for only 7 bucks a month.  

Work is still bleh.  Only at 4 days.  Sarahs job hunt has been going better hoping someplace is gonna call back this week.  If anyone hears about jobs please let me know. 

Umm guess i got nothing else.  check out tom waits if you want to hear a great artist.  I would listen to Mr siegal or Ol 55 for a good taste of what you are in for.  Well back to the xfiles im excited to get to the last 2 seasons cus ive never seen any of em.  goota go deepthroat is giving out secret info

O how I think I think my eye is pink
I woke up this morning with eye glue crusties which i never have.  Then when i look in the mirror ONE BIG FAT PINK EYELID! NOOOOOO i dont like missing work but I had to call my boss because its not like you can hide pink eye. Im not robbie hart so I cant wear my sunglasses at night.  My boss is supposed to get back to me soon but I assume they wont want me working.  I really hope it can clear up because doctors are expensive.  Anyone else ever have pink eye? Do you need antibiotics?  Also is there anything besides tearing up, morning crust, and swollen red eye?  I heard there is pain and itching involved but I dont have any of that.  Meh whatever i suppose just a bad day for it to happen because I have tomorrow off.  If it came tomorrow I might have been able to get away with not missing a day.  Anyways I guess im gonna go quarintine myself until I hear from the boss man.

Im sitting around at the house right now.  I might play some LoL tonight.  Been playing FF13 its fun but hope is a crybaby.   I miss the golden days of rpgs but i guess everyone wants the past when they get older.   Man im not very creative lately.  Ill post more another time when i feel like writing more.

Welcome back kotter

Im sitting here before work feeling very nostalgic.  I havent talked to anyone from my past in a long time.  I keep in touch with shawn and ryan but that is about it.  Im very happy with the life I have with Sarah i just miss some of the people i used to see all the time.  I guess this is my lame attempt at putting myself out there to be found.  I've been dreaming alot more lately since I quit smoking.  All my dreams seem to consist of high school things.  Its very strange to think that i graduated 8 years ago. but ya...

Me! updates
Im really into Tom waits and I've become somewhat of a televison junkie
Shows I Love
Lost, Dexter, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Heroes, Dead Like me, Bones, House, Burn Notice, Home Movies, Flight of the Conchords, The Wire, Six Feet Under, The X files, The Sopranos, The Shield, Curb your Enthusiasm, The Ricky Gervais Show, Weeds.
Lost was finished a couple weeks ago and if you havent seen it please start watching it.  It is truly one of the greatest television accompliments of all time.

thats all for now more updates to come later


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